Saturday, November 8, 2008

Man Day 2

Today was what we named 'Man Day' The funny thing about that is I usually have the camera and take pictures of what the girls do on man day and have nothing about what the men really do. Today was Deanna's turn to plan the activities for the girls. I was really impressed at how well Ruby did listening and watching and 'helping' where she was really able to help. Deanna taught the girls a different technique to making apple sauce. I learn new things all the time while home schooling. Her lesson was about being a new creation in Christ. The girls took old things (apples and pine cones) and made them into something new (applesauce and Thanksgiving name card holders).
Taylor is very careful about how she does her crafts and there is (in her mind) a right way and a wrong way) She is becoming more like her papa every day. She carefully counted how may people would attend our Thanksgiving dinner and made one for everyone plus a few extra in case someone else comes.

Ruby LOVES Honor and Justice and prays for them faithfully every night several times, so when we get to spend time with them she is in heaven. I really hope that she likes our baby this much! She even shared Two-y (her special blanket and baby) with them.

The men went to Phil's shop and learned how to make treasure chests. They are really cool and it is a good thing because we now own 3 of them. Aaron took the project and ran with it- he worked very independently and was careful to follow directions. Erik was all over the power tools and couldn't get enough. Ian just liked being there and did some of the work with a lot of Papa's help. Taylor's favorite part was the impromptu fashion show the girls put on for us. The boys said they liked being in Phil's shop and making things with Papa.
I am so blessed to have like minded friends who want to train their children in the way of the Lord and are an encouragement to our family.

It is currently 10pm after a long day and my husband just went to the store to get me some Dryers peppermint ice cream and Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce. Oh the wonderful cravings of a pregnant woman. I secretly think he wanted the hot fudge sauce straight up, but I will take it!! Yum

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