Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!

We went in on Thursday to get Ian's cast off. The nurses were a little surprised by how dirty and worn the 'new' cast was. The fiberglass saw was loud and Ian was a little nervous having a saw cutting toward his leg. There was not much chance of cutting his leg though, they had to work pretty hard to get through the two layers of cast.
You could see the first cast where he wore away the second cast and the dirt, and padding that got worn away.

Ian liked the tools that they used to pry the cast apart.

He cried when they took it off because he was used to the support that the cast offered. He said the pressure hurt. They originally told us he was going to get a walking cast for 2 weeks but the doctor said he would be fine. Hmmm. I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the bodies in the exam room and really did not want us back. They said his leg was 90% better with about 50% of the strength. He will not use the leg and really favors it.

I was not at all surprised at how dirty his leg was but the hair really surprised me. I mean who knew that a 4 year old get hairy legs?

You can see the size difference in the muscles on his Left leg that he has been hopping on verses the Right leg that has not been used for seven and a half weeks!!
Now if I could get Sean to patch all the dings in the walls caused by the cast. I guess I can tolerate the walker for another 4 weeks, but how do you keep a 4 year old from running and jumping on it when it starts to feel better?

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