Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Reformation

Our family does not celebrate Halloween, in years past we have turned off our lights and watched a move and ate ice cream sundaes. This year our Keepers at Home group decided to study and celebrate The Reformation which occurred on October 31st. We dressed up in period costumes with Knights, and Princesses, and people from Scotland.
Taylor was thrilled with her costume, she wears it almost daily. We found a wedding dress that is her size at a thrift store for $12 and I talked them down to $8 because of the small stain on the bottom hem.

Hezekiah and Ian are buddies. Ian just got his cast removed the day before so he spend the entire night hopping around from activity to activity. It was already very hot in there and he was wet with sweat, poor little guy.

The children divided up into teams and played Cobbler Cobbler Mend My Shoe, which was Taylor's favorite. They also played slay the dragon (Ian's favorite) and bobbing for apples (Aaron called it Apple Dipping) They had to do peninance and climb the stairs on their knees and put together a memory verse. We played pin the theses on the door, fishing, and Alms to the Poor, in addition to Catapult.

We listened to a story about Martin Luther and sang one of the original Hymns that he wrote. The time and energy put into the evening was evident but very much appreciated.
All the children had a great time and we were very happy to have Geaba with us to help tend the children. It ended up being a very late night but worth it!! Unfortunately we did end up with quite a bit of candy.

The next morning the children laid out all their candy and inventoried what kind they had. Ruby loved it!! I have found her hiding and eating out of her siblings bags.

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