Monday, November 17, 2008

The Gift of Time

I had the pleasure of being invited to my dear friend Kelly's Gift of Time Party. I am not sure how many years I have been, but I look forward to it with great anticipation every year. This is just a few of the wonderful group of women that attend every year. On the far Left is my mom, Carri (9 children) Renee (13 Children) Kelly (our wonderful hostess with 3 elves, I mean Children) Me (Very pregnant with #7) and Lisa (Pregnant with #6) It was a fun group to sit with and work on projects as we had lots of parenting humor and discussions on keeping Christ the center of Christmas.

It is always a treat to go with Renee because between us we have 20 children so it is hard to find time to actually have a complete conversation. The 4 hour drive just flew by as I continually pick her brain for creativity and inspiration.
When we arrived we were served these delicious appletini drinks by some very well mannered young ladies and gentlemen.

Next, we had a delicious lunch of cheddar cheese scones and homemade chicken noodle soup. I love the detail that Kelly puts into everything she does. In the bathroom is a cute little tray of anything you might need (perfume, breath mints, stain remover wipes, you get the idea). When we arrived we were given a goal sheet and with the completion of each goal we receive a gift. The first few time that I attended I had really lofty goals, now between all the fun and festivities I reduced my goals dramatically. I had eat lunch, eat dessert, open my project that I was working on. and a few other very attainable goals.

I loved the mugs which were one of our gifts from Kelly.

Gideon was such a great server you just couldn't turn down his bacon wrapped bread sticks, or cheese and crackers or chocolate that he came by to serve with a smile. As always, the time went so fast and I was so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and God Fearing Women.

Kelly and my mom, two of the most beautiful women I know.

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Kelly C said...

What a fun day that was! Thank you for putting Gideon in there too. He was quite proud and excited to make it into a blog. Always great to see you!