Sunday, November 23, 2008

I don't get it

It has been very busy at our house since Wednesday! Wednesday was Taylor's 11th Birthday. Our tradition is that on your birthday you get to pick breakfast and dinner. Taylor chose funnel cakes! I happen to love them, don't know if they really count as breakfast since it is really deep fried white flour and sugar but Hey you gotta live a little. The boys all decided (after I spent quite some time making the funnel cakes) that they did not like funnel cakes and preferred broccoli and ranch dressing for breakfast instead. Hmmmmm
Erik definitely has his quirks. The last few times we have gone to play UNO or UNO Attack I have to spend half and hour shuffling the deck because when Erik puts the game away he has to put it away color coded. No wonder it takes him forever to put anything away especially the dishes - they all have to be color coded by size and the plates have to be in the same order as the cups.

Then, when I was making Taylor's birthday dinner of homemade pizza Ruby put her foot in the garbage disposal and turned it on. I am normally quite calm but even this one did me in. I grabbed the closest towel and wrapped her foot in it and went to the Doctor. This has to be one of the strangest injuries that we have come across. Somehow between her toes and the top of her foot got the worst of it.

She did not require any stitches or have any broken bones which I was really grateful for.
I am very fortunate that Sean is so good at this kind of thing because he really cleaned it up good when he got home. Although he really does not understand that I was standing right there when it happened but children are quick.

The following day we went with two other families to Watermania in Canada. We go several times a year and plan ahead to go. It is a lot of fun and very affordable. We played most of the morning and Ian and Erik were really starting to enjoy the waves in the wave pool. I am always amazed at how much they improve in there swimming every time we go. After lunch we went back in the pool and the waves started not long after that. I was really feeling SICK but I attributed it to the pregnancy, I had to run to the bathroom!! Thank goodness I had friends in the pool to watch my children. Soon after that Taylor was yelling at me from the side of the pool, when I turned around she had blood pouring down her leg. I grabbed Ian and took Taylor to the first aid station. The lifeguard told me that they recently got a new wave machine and a lot of people had been getting hurt or sick from the strength of the waves (do you think it is time to turn the machine down?). To borrow Renee's phrase, I saw subcutaneous tissue. The lifeguard confirmed my fears as soon as we stopped the bleeding and told me it would definitely need stitches. My brain tried to imagine 12 people in the ER in Canada and I decided to call my Doctor back in the States. They said they could get us in as soon as we could get back across the boarder. So after showering everyone quickly and a fast stop at Starbucks (Eggnog Latte) and Tim Horton's (for Tim Bits) we dropped everyone off and headed to the Doctor for 3 stitches in Taylor's knee.

Taylor's Birthday Party was planned for 2 days later at Jump Zone and the Doctor said that she would be fine to go and jump. The worst part of the injury for her was the litocain to numb the area before the stitches went in. That and the Tetanus shot which I did not realize until too late that it was really a DTaP-- Ugh the frustration of it.
Then on Friday I was making lunch and went to dump out the pasta and Ian bumped into me and I spilled boiling water on his shoulder. Sean told all the kids to stay away from mama!! Fortunately Ian's shirt got most of the water and I got it off quickly so he only had a small burn but holy cow I am currently 3 for 6 in the injury rate, 50% doesn't look so good.
Please pray for my other children and their safety! I am really thankful we are all home and mostly healthy and mostly in one piece.


Chantel said...

Are you kidding me?!? I give you permission to another Eggnog Latee and a massage to relax. You have definitely had a few days of crazyness!!!!

Lisa said...

Just found your blog and feeling really bad for you right now!! Sounds like our house at times; but it usually me and the hubby that is injured.

Lisa Q

Steph :o) said...

OK, I was almost in tears about Ruby's foot. Everyone's "been there," Carolynn -- kids are so quick! I hope you aren't blaming yourself.

Hilary said...

Mouth dropped open at the story/pictures of Ruby's foot. In tears by the time I got to Taylor's stitches. Sigh. Hang in there, honey. It's just one of those weeks.