Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Need Practice

This weekend Sean and I got to go on a Romantic Getaway to La Conner Channel Lodge. It was beautiful! My mom came and took care of the children. Syndi even came and watched the kids for a few hours today so that my mom could get back to her duties and we could have a little longer. Liberty came with us, of course.
We packed but did not immediately close our bags. When we got to the lodge we realized that Ruby went 'shopping' in our suitcase. We were missing various items: Sean's shave kit, my toothbrush, one of my heals, as well as several other 'essential' items. We had to laugh because it is really difficult to get mad at that cute little girl. We had delicious meals, and enjoyed great deals! I LOVE shopping at Goodwill and talked Sean into going to Goodwill with me. We scored on jeans for all the children, they were 1/2 price for the hour that we were there. Sean did something to his back on Friday and by Sunday he was really hurting and can hardly move. Hopefully, it will be better for work this week.
We decided that next time we will research the area better and know what is available to do and where to eat so we are better prepared, that and immediately after we pack we will take our bags to the car so Ruby can't 'help'.
On Friday Jessica and I went on a Junk Trip. It was a blast we spent 5 hours in Value Village!! We found some great deals, then we ate (I should say inhaled) some of the best BBQ you will ever eat! Next it was a stop at Goodwill where we found a prized mug that Jess has been looking for and some boots that I am coveting (I found them, but they are her size). We went to WINCO which is a great grocery store with unbelievable prices and finished the day with pizza at Roundtable, there was not a single crumb left. I am definately not on the right track for weight loss but I really like good food and great people to enjoy it with.
I so totally enjoyed my weekend and feel ready and refreshed to face the week ahead:
Monday: Cub Scouts
Tuesday: MOPS & Chess club, and Sean's class in the evening
Wednesday: Tickets to the theatre and Mt. Baker Beekeeping Association Meeting
Thursday: Home school at home (what a concept)
Friday: Science World
Saturday: make Pinewood Derby cars

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