Sunday, May 3, 2009

Copy Cats

Because it is really important to hold up your dress when you are playing in the mud?
I am really excited this week Jess and I are copying Renee and Hilary and their Rainbow week! Tomorrow is Red Day. Stay tuned for some wonderful fun and activities.
Sean had to do some major maintenance on our bikes this weekend. We had several flat tires an broken pedals, and loose nuts (not just on the bikes). Anyway, he took the pedals off of Erik's old bike and now Erik is riding it all the time! He loves to ride 'Flinstone' style. He wanted to ride his bike off of the porch and I told him no, he said, "Why not? I have been riding it down the slide in the back yard!" I do pray he learns some safety rules and adheres to them.
Today in church Ian was sitting next to the pastor and smiling great big, listening to the announcements. When the pastor got up to speak he said,"I asked Ian why he was smiling and listening so intently, and Ian said, "I was counting how many times the announcer said Ummmm"" I love the childish innocence and creative ways to entertain themselves.

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