Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aaron is 9

I made Aaron's birthday cake. Just in case you can't tell it is a camouflage cake, complete with Army guys. I love the guy on the bottom left that looks like he is climbing a hill. I mixed up the frosting and added green then started to frost but it was too soft, thus the glob of green down the side. I just kept adding green and red to the frosting and kept making florets like crazy. If I am not too picky(which I am) Aaron loved it and Jake exclaimed "That is such a cool cake" Jake just had his birthday and had the coolest Indiana Jones cake ever, complete with a rolling boulder. I will take compliments even from 9 year old boys!
Making the cake was a good lesson for me to remember the importance of letting your children help. Ruby loves to help in the kitchen and took such pride letting others know she made Aaron's birthday cake.

My mom, Geaba, came up for the day with Sarah (my niece) and Justin (my nephew) the children love playing with their cousins and it is always fun to have Geaba there. Jake, Savannah, Justice and Honor and their mom, Jess came for dinner and homemade pizza. Talk about failure to plan on my part. I ran out of yeast so I had to go to the store and get some (gasp pay grocery store prices) Then when I got home and started to make the pizza I realized I was out of white flour so I had to use all whole wheat. I actually turned out pretty good considering I did not let the crust rise as long as I usually do. I made 6 pizzas for the crew!
Aaron got a new watch, a spy kit, some Lego guys, Lego cars, a target gift card, and Erik got him a wedged shape blog of wood (a jump) a bendy toy (gas pump) and a car (formerly his car) Gotta love the creativity along with the generosity.
Ruby (2 1/2) is 'reading' the Lego directions to Sarah (23 months).
The children took over the dining room table with Lego's for a few hours before bed. I am not sure where I heard the analogy but I am going to use it here, Often my house looks like a Lego eating monster came in and barfed all over the floor. I usually don't mind too much but man, those things hurt when you step on them and soon Liberty will be crawling and I don't think Lego's count as a safe chew toy.

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