Monday, June 7, 2010

A Family That Draws Together

We do a lot of reading. The children love read alouds and I have found that it is easier to do the 'olders' work with them if the 'youngers' are involved as well. We are almost finished with our Marine Biology study. We have loved this this year and really enjoyed all the hands on learning.
We had technical reading planned and I knew the children were all too squirrly to sit and listen. I decided to dig out the How to Draw Sea Creatures book to keep them busy but also able to listen. Notice Ian is blessing me with another of his art projects, it says IanToMamaILoveYou I also love his stick man riding a horse above, not sure what this has to do with Marine Biology.

Erik drew a shark with a fusiform shape, he also drew the little round shaped fish that will soon be lunch for the shark. His little fish was not the compressed shape or the depressed shape that we were learning about, however, I was thrilled that Erik participated in the drawing as he often gets frustrated that his drawings do not look like the ones in the books.

Aaron used one of the books that contains grids and tells you what to draw in each square. I must confess that even though Aaron's turned out perfect and I followed the same directions, mine looks nothing like the book. I guess I am a bit like Erik in that regard that I really want my projects to be perfect as well.

All the children were satisfied with their drawings and they were placed in our Marine Biology Notebooks along with our other observations and drawings. The art was a perfect balance of bringing together what we learned while keeping busy and learning more.

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