Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bocce Ball?

We love playing Bocce Ball, I never knew it could be an indoor sport. Someone accidentally spilled water on our new tablecloth and noticed that the water beaded up instead of soaking in. I was so excited! We have one tablecloth that fits our table, it is 52" X 52" almost impossible to find.
I was at a random little store that I never go to to buy yet another broom, somehow my brooms keep breaking mid handle.. anyway I decided to look at the tablecloths and I found a 90" round, it barely fits but the bonus was that it was 'stain proof' It is not as easy to wipe as my oilcloth, it does protect the table and does not have to be washed every meal.

The boys were delighted that they could blow the water droplets and make them roll across the table. They invented their own game of Bocce Ball, it is a bit more difficult because you have to remember which water ball is yours.
One can even blow several of the droplets together to make one large ball.

It is really fun to race the water and to see whose is the fastest.
I am amazed at the number of 'spills' we have had since we got the new tablecloth though, milk, orange juice and coffee all work. Mama says that the only legal medium for the game is water.

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