Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flag Day

Yesterday was Flag Day. June 14, 1776 was the day that the Stars and Stripes were officially adopted. People began celebrating Flag day in 1885 as a result of different school teachers celebrating with their classes. Flag day was endorsed in Philadelphia by the Sons of the Revolution, in New York by the State Board of Education and later by President Wilson.

Inspired by three decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day - the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 - was officially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916. While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities for years after Wilson's proclamation, it was not until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day. The TEA Party organized a rally where every overpass on I-5, from Canada to Mexico had supporters waving the United States Flag. We were a little bit late which turned out to be a fabulous thing because we were able to drive under a lot of the overpasses and honk and wave at the flag wavers.
We chose to go to a pedestrian overpass that was completely enclosed by chain link fence. Chosen for my peace of mind. Erik and Liberty did not like the big trucks driving under us or the honking. I admit it made me a little uneasy to watch those big semi trucks driving under where I was standing and they felt so close it seemed like you could reach out and touch them!
Getting involved in these activities has been educational for both me and the children. We have talked to some interesting people and it has lead to great discussion about the different ways that people react to what we are doing.
For more information about the history of Flag Day go to: http://www.usflag.org/ a website dedicated to the flag of the United States of America.


Stacy said...

That's so smart of you to know this!

Yesterday we happened to be at Lowes looking for some stuff and we also grabbed a flag (ours recently ripped). When we checked out, the guy said: "And it's even flag day today" and I truly did not know if he was just trying to crack a joke or if it really *was* flag day. Apparently it was! :)

Stacy said...

Whoops. Not "yesterday". Two days ago, or whenever that was. :)