Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laughter, Lunch, Learning, and Leather working

Yesterday we went to Ben's house for a day of fun! Now you might ask, Why do you need to add another child in for fun? The dynamics change dramatically when one of my children are gone or you add a child or two in. Plus, it is a whole lot easier and more fun for me with another adult. Ruby sometimes forgets that she is not one of the big kids and she gets mad about it. I really thought she was going to get mad at me for this photo but she didn't.
Syndi and I decided that it was too much fun to get together once in a while so we are going to make 'game day' a regular occurrence. We played math games, geography games, and several other games as well. Then we sent them outside for some fresh air.

Erik, Ian and Ruby love Mrs. Huff's play dough. I need to get that recipe from her as well. She is so fun to talk to and it is nice to have someone who enjoys my children! Not to mention she is an excellent cook!! She treated us to a delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (on really really good homemade bread) and Yummy Chicken Noodle Soup. My contribution was Breakfast cookies (which are really good, adapted from Fix, Freeze, and Feast Cookbook) but I did not even bring the cookies already baked I just brought a bowl full of dough and Syndi cooked the rest! I tell you she is my angel.

We then did some arts and crafts with Leather working. 6 wooden hammers on leather on a wooden table is very loud!! The children all had fun practicing and the perfecting their projects. They made key chains, ornaments, and tomahawk heads. I 'helped' Ruby and it was really fun.

Here they are with their completed projects just in time to head home for a late nap for Ruby.

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