Monday, December 15, 2008

What were you doing last night?

Me, well it started out to be a great evening. We had homemade pizza for dinner (which nobody ever complains about). We read to the children, did our Advent Reading and got the children to bed nicely with no arguments or complaints. Sean and I read our books, talked and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.
The power went out so I decided to go to bed. Thankfully it came back on and I read some more until I fell asleep. Sean has been sick but did not come to bed until 11:45. Just as he was climbing into bed I heard what sounded like a waterfall, I just laid there with my eyes closed (pretending to still be asleep) I heard the gush of 'water' again Uh-Oh. Sean ran into the boys room and said "OH NO!!!!" I waited a few more minutes then decided to be a good wife/mom and get up and see what was going on. Sean said, "you can't come in here, you will puke" I dutifully asked, "what do you want me to do?" to which he replied, "Clean it all up so I can go to bed. Well, you asked."
To spare you all the gory details, Sean ended up taking the slats off the bunk bed to clean all puke that fell through the top bunk, to the bottom bunk and across the room to Ian's trundle bed. We moved Ian and Erik into our bed while we stripped and changed sheets, scrubbed the floor and started a mountain of laundry. I am still washing sheets, mattress covers, pillows, quilts and rags.
Why oh why can't my children just puke in one spot? I want a mommy merit badge for puking.


Barker Musings said...

Gross!!! oh I am so sorry. Man your kids puke a lot.

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

I really do feel for you!