Monday, December 15, 2008

O Christmas Tree

A week ago we went Christmas Tree shopping right after church, seemed like a good idea at the time. We were all dressed nice and it was not raining or windy or even a gray day. We drove to a tree farm that is really close to our house. My goal: a tall skinny tree with a lot of branches. We do not have a big house and with the up coming birth or our baby I wanted to take up very little space. The children enjoyed playing with the dog that lived there. Ruby followed Ian around and Aaron tried to use his ax to cut the tree down. There seemed to be more bickering and arguing than I have ever noticed before.
Taylor ended up falling the tree with the saw provided by the farm.

We finally got the tree loaded and home and in a stand in the house. It took up half of the living room. I could not bear to put the lights on when it was entirely too big. after a day in the house I hucked it on the back porch and went shopping for a fake tree. They were just too expensive so I decided to wait until the day after Christmas when they are all on clearance.

So our solution was to cut off the back of the tree and 'prune' the rest. We now have it shoved up against the wall I put lights on and let the children go to town on the decoration. We ended up with 3 full boxes of decoration and ornaments not on the tree because I don't feel like it.

Our tree looks good and takes up less space and it was only $20. The memories are funny but definitely not a hallmark moment. I will be searching for a good deal on a prelit tree for next year!

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Alliwoo said...

Aren't trees over rated? I'm feeling that way this year. Why do we even need a live tree at all? I'm wanting a fake one too! I NEVER thought I would say that!