Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, Friends, Candy Canes, and Cocoa

The other day I just did not feel like doing anything, problem with that is when you have 5 kids at home you have to do something. Alas, my friend Syndi came to my rescue. Why is it that siblings can have 4 other people to play with but it is so much better to have someone else to entertain them? Syndi and Ben cam over to hang out and enjoy the snow. Ian did not last long outside but really enjoyed the candy canes, popcorn, and hot cocoa when he came in.

It is so good to see some of our teaching is getting through. We have read The Legend of the Candy Cane and it talks about the shape being a J for Jesus, or a Staff for the Good Shepard, and the red being the blood of Jesus and White being us cleansed of our sins. So here is Erik with his 'J'

We try to do the Make a Plate annually so we chose this day to do our plates and included Ben in the process. It was more difficult to get Aaron and Ben to come in a do the project but hey around here you have to take advantage of the snow when it arrives.

I actually did a good job not intervening in the making process of the plates (something I am not very good at)
I also went to the Doctor on Friday and he did really well knowing that I want to spontaneously go into labor, so he definitely offered but did not pressure me to induce. I am 3 cm. dilated. I was ecstatic that all the contractions I have been feeling are actually doing something. I then ran a couple of errands and headed off to a massage! It was wonderful but did not put me into labor.
Sean actually shoveled the drive and put chains on the van just in case.

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Alliwoo said...

I miss you friend! I would like to send you something for the baby...or you...any thing you NEED or MUST have or REALLY want? Email me. Or I'll send you my phone number and you can call :)