Saturday, December 6, 2008

I got paid today

Today was a stay home day!! With the Christmas season on us and preparing for a new baby it is rare for us to have a day at home. I utilized the time to sort through my dreaded paperwork. Anyone who knows me knows that is the constant struggle in my life. I purged old bills, bank statments, folders, schoolwork, you name it, in the process I found a gift certificate for a massage (looking forward to that one after the baby comes), a free dive and gear rental from a local dive shop (probably won't get to use that anytime soon so I will try to sell it) and a $20 gift certificate from Treasury of Memories (our local scrapbook store that is the best!! Merry Christmas to me) I guess my perseverance paid off! Last week we had Ben and Syndi come over and make cookies to send to a friend of hers who is a soldier in Iraq. The children worked so hard and I worked really hard to not be a perfectionist. The cookies I usually make are not as labor intensive and candy cane and sugar cookies. We also made snicker doodles and oatmeal raisin. In addition we were able to bless a friend with cookies for her father's memorial service.
I love being able to serve others especially at this time of year. I really enjoy Ben and how polite and hard working he is. Syndi (his mom) is great because she jumps right in and finishes projects (which is something I really struggle with) she even made Ben his own camouflage apron!!!

The children have very hot hands so rolling the dough and getting good shapes was tough but worth it. They even got a bonus when I was tired of making cookies so I divided the remaining dough up between them all (me included) and we ate it.

We also got to finally take the stitches out of Taylor's knee. I am not so sure on Sean's use of pliers and shears but it got the job done and saved us a trip to the doctor.

I think he enjoys a opportunity to use his tools regardless of what it might be. It does look like he is having fun. Taylor was a little squeamish and did not appreciate the pliers tugging at her tender skin.

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Never dull in your house Carolynn, never!