Friday, August 21, 2009

Anatomy of My Day

12:00 am Get up in the middle of the night to take your child potty and have them fall asleep on the bathroom floor.
2:00 am Get up to change a poopy diaper and nurse the baby.
6:15 am Get up and turn off your alarm and say I will just lay here a few more minutes
8:00 am Wake up to sounds of the baby and realize a few more minutes turned into a few more hours. Look in the crib and realize the baby is not there, go to the living room where your 9 year old is reading and the baby is playing on the floor in a pile of Legos. Pray and give thanks that the baby did not put any in her mouth.
The other times are a bit foggy but go something like this:
Make sure 2 of your children have puke buckets and give them the appropriate dosage of Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. Be very happy that you purchased enough 'see thru pop' (7-up) to settle every one's upset tummies.
Call Syndi and see if Aaron and Erik can come over and play while I put the other children down for a nap and some quiet time. This was the first time that I allowed Erik to ride his bike over to Ben's house with out me walking behind. He likes to 'swivel' his bike and has been told repeatedly not to do that. About 3 minutes after they left Aaron came riding back to the house yelling, "Erik crashed his bike!" I went running down the street with Libby on my hip, and Ruby still in the high chair. Erik is not one to cry or acknowledge pain but it was pretty obvious that he was hurt. After I carried him home and washed him up I asked Syndi to come take a look at him because it looked pretty bad. His pupils were unequally dilated, and he could hardly stay awake or open his eyes. She had me call the Doctor and they told me to go to the ER.

My selfish nature was very disappointed that I was not going to get an hour to myself reading my book on the back deck. However, I was very grateful that Syndi offered to stay with the children while I took Erik in.
We did not have to wait long at the ER (not a good sign since every single parking stall was taken up). I called Sean and told him to post our fair tickets on Craigslist since I did not see how we were going to make it. As we were waiting for the doctor to come in I got a phone call from someone who wanted to purchase my tickets (praise God, we were not out the money).
Erik was diagnosed with a mild concussion and lots of abrasions. The thing about the ER is that they always make me feel like a bad parent.
Was he wearing a helmet? Yes
Were you there watching him? No
Where were you? In the house putting the baby down for a nap
What was he doing? Riding bikes with his brother
Is he current on his immunizations? No
Has he had his tetanus shot? I don't know
Questions for Erik:
How many brothers and sister do you have? I don't know a lot, but we have more girls than boys,so I hope my mom can adopt 2 boys so the boys will win.
What grade are you in? I don't know
Where do you go to school? I am home schooled, and I don't have to do any work I just get to play all the time.
What were you doing? I was riding my bike to my friends house, with out my mom.

The elderly gentleman in the room with us was very friendly and let Erik watch as they glued his ear back together and he pointed out when the helicopter was taking off so Erik could watch. They they were discussing what Erik likes to do and Erik told him he likes to swim and we got to hear all about the man's grandson who is a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. Erik also told him he likes to read about Marine Snipers and this man's son in law is a Marine Sniper (not sure how to respond to that one ~ cool?). I never cease to be amazed at God's provision of putting us in that room with a man with Erik's interests.
We were able to come home after only 2 hours, I picked up the children took the fair tickets to the people and made it back home where Stacy H. (from church) had delivered a delicious dinner for us.
I am not sure how Syndi does it but the house was clean, a 300 piece puzzle was completed and all the children were clean and happy. Thanks for being there!!!!!!!!

We ate dinner watched a movie and went to bed.

Oh yeah, and Sean has not been home before 8:30pm every night this week due to work schedules.


Rebecca M said...

Whoa Carolynn. What a day!

I think my boys would answer similarly when questioned about their grade in school and whatnot!

I'm so glad your friend was able to help out on this crazy day of yours!

Nicole said...

I hope this week is way better than last week! Poor Erik! Poor Carolynn! ((((((Big hugs))))))