Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Conversations

The other day we were in Target when, not surprisingly, Ruby had to go potty. We were in the stall and had the following conversation:
Ruby:Mama, is you wear panties?
Me: Yes Ruby I am wearing panties.
Ruby: Is your panties clean?
Me: Yes, I always wear clean panties.
Ruby: Ohhhhh, That is a good idea, sometimes I take my panties off
Ian is always thinking.
Ian: Mama, what is errant?
Me: It is when some one deviates from the path that is expected. When they do not do what they are supposed to.
Ian: Why do you have to air out your dress then?

This morning at breakfast Ian asked me how come giraffes have longer esophagus' than we do.

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SRE said...

This totally reminds me of the time at dinner, Hezekiah said, "Mama, do you change your underwear every day?" I answered yes and he sighed and said, "Oh, cause sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't"