Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Our Exersaucer is Posessed

Last night I was peacefully sleeping when I awoke with a start! I heard a lion roar and then a strange voice say, "lion" Next, came the continual happy music, over and over, and over, and over and over and over again. Then, a barking dog and a voice say, "dog"

You get the idea. When I realized the battery was going dead I put the darn thing on the front porch and closed the door.

I could still hear: Lion, Lion, Lion, Dog, Dog, Dog, Cat.... So I got up and closed the bedroom windows. Alas, some sleep!

Libby who never wakes up at night awoke at 3:00am so fed her and put her back to bed. Then the music!!!! It would not stop. Finally I got out of bed and put the thing in the van, closed all the windows and locked the door. A few precious hours of sleep.

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