Sunday, August 2, 2009


I love traditions. One tradition that our children rely on is that every time we pick berries (straw,rasp,and blue) we go to the dairy after. It is a great reward for a job well done!

two of my best pickers recently started getting a small cone instead of the baby size. We can all have a treat for $6.

The centers of the picnic tables even have built in ice cream cone holders. I was amazed at the number of times that my children had to go to the bathroom during our 3 hour tour. We took Sean with us and met up with Syndi & Ben, and Stacy & Wesley & Micah (more great friends from church). I always get a few buckets for myself and Taylor and one bucket for all the other children to 'fill'. Sean did not understand my method and figured that every bucket needed to be filled! Several times I asked him if we were done yet, and he said we would not be done until all the buckets were full (why did I get so many?).

We ended up with 102 pounds! We were very fortunate that they offered a discount if you picked over 100 pounds. Still, it is difficult to pay $87 for blueberries. We made several batches of jam, some pureed baby food (which stains a certain baby's bum). We enjoyed some delicious Blueberry Hill Muffins and Blueberry Pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup.

I love photos with something in focus in front and out of focus in back. I am working on taking better photos and love how the bubblegum ice cream matches Taylor's shirt and eyes. After she made an ice cream guy all the other children made ice cream family members.

I usually enjoy a espresso shake but was so hot today that I tried root beer instead. It was wonderful, I am thinking that we have to go get more blueberries just so I can have another root beer shake. I started getting the shake because usually I have to help a child with something or feed a baby and you can't just set down a cone like you can a shake plus, if I know that I get that treat once in a while it is easier to resist ice cream in between visits.
You can see my nursing cover that my wonderful berry picking friend Alison gave me and seriously has been WONDERFUL!! I have wanted one since they first came out and never splurged on it, but now I would recommend as a necessity.

When we got home from the dairy and were processing our berries Erik found two tree frogs. That boy can sniff a frog from a mile away. He promptly filled Ruby's little swimming pool and put the frogs in, it was very funny to watch him keep catching the frogs and putting them back in the pool. He said, "It is much harder to keep track of two frogs that won't listen than just one frog you can watch all the time."
I know exactly what you mean buddy.

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