Monday, August 3, 2009

Night Diving

Aaron has been dying to get some 'snorkelers' ever since Ben brought some to the beach. On Saturday, Sean let the children (Aaron and Taylor) go up to the attic and get our old scuba equipment. Of course they really wanted to go try it out and since it has been so warm we decided to go for a night dive.

There was a wedding reception at the resort so we got a treat of great music at the beach a sunset to the west and the moon to the east, Amazing.

This has to be a new favorite photo of mine. It is hard to get a picture of Sean smiling because he says he doesn't like fake smiles. Who can resist a wonderful evening alone on the beach, well alone with 6 children ~ That are all yours.

Taylor and Aaron spent so much time getting used to the snorkel and goggles. It was amusing to listen to them talk to each other with the snorkels in their mouths. At one point Aaron found something interesting to look at down by his feet and when he came back up he was spitting and sputtering. I guess it was a quick lesson that the snorkel must stay above water.

This was my scuba skin not so long ago, I wish it still fit me.

There's my man.

And my little girl. She asked me,"Mama when I am grown up are you going to call me your big Ruby girl?"
I said, "Nope, you will always be my sweet little Ruby girl."
She replied, "You will always be my big mama."

Aaron loved using the under water flashlight. Once he figured out he had to put the booties, and mask on before the gloves he was ready to go.

Libby and Mama watching everyone have some fun.

I think this picture needs to be framed. It so speaks to me of Erik at 7.

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