Monday, August 3, 2009

Sun, Sand, and Smiles

I decided to call Renee last night for a last minute invite to our beach. She was available and I was excited to spend the day with her and her children. We were very surprised when we arrived the tide was WAY out. Usually when we are there the dock is almost level with the ramp, it was fun to watch the tide creep in through out the day. Jess called and asked what I was doing and I told her that I was meeting Renee at the beach and she said, "Sweet we will be there between the boys' naps!" Then Tami called and asked,"are you at the beach? Great! we will be right out." Then, Syndi called (she and Ben were supposed to be in Canada) and asked what we were doing and said that they were already on there way to the beach! She even brought us iced coffee from Jess' coffee hut.
I love being with my friends and my children and my friends children. So this was top on my list of great days!
I brought Ruby's little swimming pool (empty) and let Libby play in it to keep her somewhat sandless. She even took a couple of great naps in the pool when I put it under the dock. Renee thought it very wrong to say, "Be Quiet when you go under the dock because Libby is sleeping in the pool."

All of the children played wonderfully. Ian and Mordecai were together a lot. I can just picture these two running down the beach in 10 years we better watch out!

I was surprised that every time I turned around Ruby and Avi were playing wonderfully together. Ruby took very good care of her 'real' baby and had to take time out from playing to feed the baby. I guess when you are at the beach you bottle feed as opposed to breast feeding at home.

Tami had to leave early to go home so she graciously stopped by my house and put my dinner in the oven so we could stay a bit longer! I have great friends!!!!
I was reminded once again how fortunate we are to have a great husband and Papa that works hard so that we can enjoy days like this. Thanks Sean.
Tonight when we were praying Ian said, "I am so glad that God is creative and gives us so much pretty stuff to look at." The wisdom of a 5 year old is profound.

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