Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beach, Beach & More Beach

Just so you know I am not complaining. However, I do not like to be cold. It is getting cold. It is getting very cold. I am thankful it is not raining~yet. I do love the Pacific Northwest but the long grey days get, well they get, LONG. We did a little experiment at Syndi's on light refraction, then made weighted balloons to try out our hypotheses on light refraction. Making the weighted balls was very fun for the boys, they used PVC pipe and poured a lot of rocks into the balloons, which caused the balloons to be full of holes. We finally settled on marbles and Ben wore his dad's waders so he could retrieve the marbles. Aaron also wore his dad's boots, unbeknownst to me.
Aaron and Ben were totally into the experiment and loved throwing Ben's knife at the balloon. We could not figure out why some of the balloons filled with fresh water and marbles floated??

Erik hoarded his balloon and carried it with him the entire time, until it sprung a leak!

The children had to go see what they could find! They act like they have never been here before and it is all new and exciting! Which it is.
They found the biggest moon jelly yet. We learned that it is a male moon jelly. You can tell because the gonads are orange ~ Who knew? I love watching them pulse and move along it is really graceful.

Next week is project week and we will choose one thing to learn a bit more about. I love nature study. I don't like writing. It is painful for me. We are still working on it.


Theresa said...

Great pictures! Love your enthusiasm! I admire you guys in the Pacific Northwest, going out in the weather. We have it so easy here, and it actually will only get better from here on out as the weather cools a bit to a more tolerable temp.
Hang in there!

SRE said...

You are now a week ahead of us! We're at a standstill as we wait for our underwater viewer to arrive in the mail. I as sooo dreading winter trips to the beach...but we will persevere. Judah and Tilly are going to dissect a shark for project week!

Carolynn said...

Ohh for a trip to the East i would cherish warm! Can anyone say, "field trip"
Renee, I would love to see your underwater viewer! We are going to the aquarium next week, want to join us?