Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday

On Friday we took our monkeys to the zoo! It was an official cub scout outing however, we never did hook up with our den. We went with some of our favorite friends! We even were the beneficiaries of 2 free passes and 5 half price admissions! Thanks Hilary! When we picked up Tami and her children they were waiting on the street corner with a shuttle sign. I often feel like we have a shuttle, but the funny thing is Isobelle has her very own car seat in our van that is permanently buckled.

We even managed to have a boy in each rank of cub scouts Everett is a Tiger, Erik is a Wolf, Sam is a Bear and Aaron is a Webelo! I love how the boys look in their uniforms. However today I had to hand sew the numbers (read very thick patches) on to Aaron's uniform. The reason for this being that when he becomes a boy scout he can wear the same uniform but his pack number will change. I digress, I am not a sewer. I was very careful (I like my projects to be perfect without the learning curve involved~remind you of anyone in my family?) After much agony I realized somewhere near the beginning I sewed the sleeves together! I also only had 2 of the 3 numbers he needed for his uniform, so when I thought I was done - Finally I really wasn't because we had to find the other number to sew on.
Uniforms are nice, I just wish they came already ready to wear or with snaps to snap on all the awards as you earn them. I dunno just a really good idea to consider.

Isobelle enjoyed a great ride on her Aunt's shoulders and Grandma joined in for the fun. I love Tami's family and I feel so welcomed and cared for by them. Tami's mom even came and brought me Lattes (plural) when I was at Children's Hospital with Libby. Who cannot love this wonderful woman! What a pleasure it has been to spend time with her and share so much with their family.

I don't seem to be able to stay focused enough to tell about our trip to the zoo, except to say that the Poison Dart Frog exhibit was the highlight of all the boys, especially Erik! I tried to get a photo of him by the frogs but my camera did not like the humidity and kept fogging up!
Erik also waited patiently by the Komodo Dragon exhibit for the Dragon to finish his bath. There were 2 dead mice (OK really they were rats) by the window that the Komodo Dragon promptly consumed as soon as he was clean. Erik had front row seats while the rest of the children were riding the Dragon statue!

We again were treated to a beautifully set table and delicious dinner courtesy of my mom and niece! It was fun to spend some time with the beautiful women on my side of the family before heading home. Libby even got to take a bath with my niece Sarah! Sarah does a great job sharing her toys with Ruby, who seems to 'organize' things her way!
Kimberly tooks great effort in making the meal table beautiful and inviting. Taylor especially loved the fine china and pretty table cloth. It is a blessing for us to be able to rest and be refreshed before driving home!

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