Sunday, October 18, 2009

Second Annual Historical Harvest Party

Saturday night brought us to our Second Annual Harvest Party. This year was a huge success. Last year was a super fun group but more is always merrier! We had 28 children! Theodore Roosevelt was brought to you by Ben. He had the most elaborate costume, complete with a 'real' mustache (made with real hair).

The children all studied about a specific historical figure. Some made displays, others made props, and others planned the perfect costume.
We do not like to celebrate Halloween (more on that in the future) so this is the Perfect alternative, we still get to dress up, eat delicious food, be with friends and even practice our public speaking.

Everett was Noah with Isobelle (in the back) as Annie Oakley. Noah even brought a proportional ark and Noah for visual effect. I never knew the ark was so well constructed using Popsicle sticks cardboard and glue!

Abraham Lincoln aka Erik dawned his top hat complete with important documents inside, and a log cabin depicting the home he was born in in Kentucky. Again, did you know the log cabin was made of glue and Popsicle sticks?

In light of all of our studies about marine biology (and we already had the costume) Aaron informed us of the life of Jacques Ives Cousteau. Cousteau was a colorful man but made SCUBA what it is today. I was surprised at how reluctant Aaron was to get up and speak. Fortunately I had already prepared the children that they might be a bit nervous, especially with the amount of people, but that this was part of our education and talking in front of people is an important skill. He was one of the last to give his presentation and I was very proud of him for being brave and going outside of his comfort zone.

Liberty went as Pomp, Sacajawea's baby. and Ruby was Sacajawea. However we did not let Ruby carry Liberty on her back the way Sacajawea did.
Ruby surprised me that she really did want to get up and talk. She wanted to be Sacajawea and expressed specific instructions to that effect. I only had her practice a little bit and did not do much research. What she had to say she said clearly and knew what she was talking about.
I had originally talked about being Jane Goodall because we had a monkey costume that one of the children could wear. I changed my mind and decided to go as Rosie the Riveter because it was the easiest costume. When Sean got home I asked him if he was going to dress up and who he was going to go as. Ian piped up, "I know! Papa can go as Mama's Monkey!"
It made me laugh.

We were so happy to have Mikaela there! She enjoyed seeing the stuff that the children were working on and hearing their presentations! I cherish the time that we do get to see her, the time passed much too quickly... in so many ways.

Jubilee as Queen Elizabeth, Ruby as Sacajawea, Savannah as Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Taylor as Molly Pitcher.
I am so proud of Taylor for being such a great example to the younger girls and that the girls from all different ages can play together so nicely and enjoy each other.
The girls were right there at the end helping to clean up and put things away while the boys cleared the chairs and RAN the vacuum!
It was such a wonderful evening that would not have been complete without all the families that were there. Jess' family, Bakers Dozen, Simply Made, Syndiluhu, and Making a Home were all there.
Once again I can't express how perfectly God has answered all my prayers with such a great group of friends and fellow homeschoolers, and encouragers. I do not think my journey to become a better wife, mother, follower of Christ and friend would be complete without every one of them. I thank you all for your role in my life and the life of my family.


Stacy said...

I love it that you had this so far in advance of October 31st, too. We don't do Halloween at ALL, either, and one of the things I generally dislike about most Harvest parties/dress up about something different parties is that they are on the 31st. So essentially, dressing up for Halloween, which is what we're trying *not* to celebrate.

Great pictures. I love seeing everyone all dressed up! How fun!

Carolynn said...

Stacy, I love that too! It is fun to dress up historically. I would like to hear your suggestions for *not* celebrating Halloween. We have tried many different options and the best one seems to be ice cream sundaes and a movie.