Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blond Moment

I have been wanting to color my hair for awhile and finally took the plunge. I normally do a box and leave some strands out so I don't have the all over even color.
At the store yesterday I bought a box labeled Pecan. It looked like a nice nut color with some highlights. Perfect! Not so much. Sean even pulled my hair through the cap (really quite funny). I put the 'color' on and waited for 25 minutes, my head was a bit warm and it smelled more than normal but it was a different product, so it really should be OK.
I called Tami and told her I was blond.
She replied, "That's alright we all do it and what can we do to fix it?"
I said, "No, I really am blond!"
She called her friend and professional hairdresser Steph. Steph said I would be OK to color over it if my hair bounced back when it was wet. My hair did not bounce back but kept right on stretching, OOPS.
I guess I am blond~for now.


Amy Mason said...

I think you are super cute... blonds have more fun anyway!

Anissa said...

Ummm....haven't you learned your lesson? You DO NOT KNOW YOUR NUTS! You just don't. Accept that about yourself and move on! And count your blessings that you didn't try to go with something sort of green like pistachio! LOL Love ya. You look pretty no matter what color hair you have!