Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bike Ride

We try to honor the Sabbath by not doing any 'work'. Some times we are diligent and persevere others not so much.

This week we were able to enjoy a refreshing yet cold bike ride around the neighborhood! Ruby's friend, Small Hannah (as opposed to Tall Hannah), loaned Ruby some training wheels. We have a box of training wheels at our house but none fit Ruby's bike. I know what we will be donating to the ARC the next time they are in our neighborhood.

Finally we were able to go for a real bike ride with Ruby on her own bike and Libby in the carrier. We rode by Ben's house and he joined us for a ride, then we talked Wesley and his parents into joining us as well.

We live in a small neighborhood with not much room for bikes and cars so I am sure we took up more than our share of the road but we enjoyed it a lot!

Libby cried for a bit but I think it was just because she was tired. She fell asleep on the way home!

Aaron was disappointed that we were not able to ride down to the bay because we had so many small people with us. I assured him that next time we would only take people who were capable of riding safely! More fun memories.

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