Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're Back!

We spent two fun-filled days at Great Wolf Lodge. They were offering a homeschoolers special. We enjoyed the resort almost to ourselves. It was still very loud and wet, but the temperature was wonderful. I was thankful that Ian and Ruby like to spend so much time in the 'hot pool' the hot tub. I ventured down every slide except the howlin tornado (no thanks, I did that last time). I loved that Syndi taught Ruby to float in the pool without being attached to a person! At the last minute I invited my mom and niece to join us for the day which was WONDERFUL!! Erik was finally tall enough (barely) to go down the howlin tornado and Kimberly took him over, and over, and over, and over. I guess I am getting old. I know my calf muscles were sore from all the stairs but it was worth the price.
We loved our Kids Kabin complete with fireplace and a 'separate room' for the boys. It looked like a log cabin. Ian was excited to sleep on the top bunk for a change.

We were able to make the cost of the hotel easier to swallow with the help of my 'servants'. I brought Orange Chicken to cook in the crock pot and rice in the rice cooker. We had salad, homemade bread (courtesy of Syndi) and chocolate cookies and rice crispy treats! Then we utilized the rice cooker again in the morning and made delicious oatmeal. We packed lunch and avoided all the fast food, with the exception of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and hot chocolates all around!

After Great Wolf Lodge we headed to Yakima for 4 wonderful days of Camp Grandma! My mother in law is the best she fed us wonderful (no cooking or cleaning on my part). We enjoyed a marvelous trip to the Fair in Dippity county fair. We even got to go roller skating. Erik was nuts on the skates he wants to go all out as fast as he can. Ian was cautious but really got very good after a short time. I enjoyed skating with my boys during couples skate =).
The children noticed that this was the first time we were at Grandma's house and they did not get ice cream for dessert every night. They did not realize that they enjoyed much more TV/ movies than ever before! Grandma cleaned her basement and the children had their own private skating rink (someone dented something but I am in the dark about it)

We took Chinook Pass home and were treated to this beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. We realized that we have now taken every mountain pass from the east side of the state to the west side! It has been fun to explore and see new sites (with the exception of Windy Ridge at Mt. St. Helens).
We were treated to a delicious salmon dinner at my mom's and some good books at Goodwill and were home, unpacked, with the children in bed at 8:30! Ready for another week! I am off to make my grocery list, and print the children's assignments.


Syndi said...

Yay!! You're back!! You were missed.

Rebecca M said...

What a fun adventure!

I love that you brought your "servants" with you to the hotel. Good idea!

Tami said...

So glad you are home!