Monday, October 26, 2009

What I Am Listening To Today

We have had a fairly unstructured day today due to the fact that Ruby and I are not feeling up to the weather. Ruby with her baby in her tummy
Listening to my children play:
Ruby,"I am a Patriot"
Aaron, "You are not a Patriot, I am a Patriot, I am Thomas Paine"
Ruby,"I am Sacajawea"
Ian, "I am your husband, I am Charbonneau."
Ruby, "OK, Then Libby is our baby, she is Pomp."
Erik, "You guys can't be Patriots, you helped Lewis and Clark. You were at the wrong time. I am a Patriot I am Sam Adams."
Currently Taylor is laying Ruby down for a nap and reading her a story. Ian wanted to listen to the story so Taylor promised to read it to him after she read it to Ruby. Ian, not wanting to miss out on a story turned on the baby monitor and declared, "I get to hear the story twice!"
He is listening and will listen again when Taylor comes out. Smart Child, I mean children.

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Syndi said...

You're doing something right over there! They're getting it. I love Ian's enthusiasm for books. He's one smart kiddo.