Monday, December 7, 2009

Charlotte's Web

Last week we went to a rather pathetic performance of Charlotte's Web. We were disappointed with the lack of creativity in the play but our disappointment was short lived. After the performance we went to Bakers Dozen house for a Charlotte's Web Party! Many of our friends were there. I think we counted 30 children in all!
I cannot remember a time in recent history where I could sit with my friends and drink coffee, eat delicious food, and catch-up while the 30 children played joyfully and without incident. It was a wonderful afternoon.
Before the play I stopped by Tami's house, plugged in my crock pot and added an onion that Tami purchased and diced for me. After the party I stopped by Tami's house picked up my crock pot and headed to Sean's work for dinner before him and Aaron headed to Webelos! We were tired when we got home but it was a good tired.

Our party had manure piles (no bake cookies), Charlotte herself (spider shaped bread), Runts candy (Wilber was a runt), Pigs in a blanket (hot dogs in crescent rolls), Rotten Eggs (deviled eggs), Zuckerman's slop (chex mix), Pigs in mud (chocolate pudding with pink marshmallows), and of course, coffee!

Tami is so creative and we had pin the tail on Wilber and put Charlotte on her Web for our games! Shawn had felt barnyard pieces for each family that was there! What amazing and creative friends I have.
Wonderful children too.
I had planned to reread the book Charlotte's Web and watch the movie but that never came to fruition. We did however, complete a mini unit study on spiders (yuck). Another way to make learning more fun and relevant.

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