Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Our church is the best about including the children. For the month of December we allowed our children to go to choir practice. Aaron and Erik were the only ones who wanted to go. However we got the CD and practiced all the songs for family worship time. Ruby was excited to get up and sing at the celebration and Aaron and Erik performed very well.

Aaron was the same age as the other children but was at least a head taller than the next child who was his age. Aaron was thrilled to blow the (what is that thing called?) and was even more elated about the spread of desserts to follow. During dessert time we lost Erik after going through the line and discovered him right in the middle of the circle with all the teenage boys!

The church provided the opportunity for people to share their gifts and accomplishments with others. We had a few solos, some amazing drama, poetry, and very talented musicians. I failed to warn my children that I signed them up to recited the Exodus 20:1-17, The Ten Commandments. Considering that they learned it last spring and did not practice they did very well. They only needed a couple of prompts but otherwise got the whole thing word perfect.

I am so happy they are learning early to hide God's Word in their hearts.

We spent a wonderful evening last week with our friends Joe and Betty. Melanie and Steve and their children, Skylar and Chase and Melanie's parents Della and Vern were there as well.
We used to spend a majority of our time with these couples in church, small group and life. Families and circumstances change and we don't spend much time together at all.

It is a true gift to have friends that are comfortable and easy to be with and we can pick up right where we left off. The evening was enjoyable and passed much too quickly. We all were treated to wonderful gifts and an extraordinary meal that Joe prepared.

I cherished more time with Mikaela and our annual attempt at a decent family photo.
It has been a wonderful and busy Christmas Season surrounded by friends and family.

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