Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We were so excited that my momm, aka Geaba, brought Kimberly, Justin and Sarah up for a visit last week. We headed to the State Park for a walk along the beach. It was very cold and Sarah copied me by putting her 'baby' in her jacket and zipping her up inside. Libby loved being close to me but would not keep her hat on her bald little head.

Justin, Ian and Aaron had a great time conquering the drift wood. They skipped rocks and played many other imaginative games. Erik and Taylor and Kimberly rode scooters and walked along the road.

Aside from the cold we could not have asked for a better day. We even saw some seaweed (that has not been identified yet) that we have never seen before. It was pink and looked like starfish skin (I know not very scientific, but you get the word picture).

It took Geaba a very long time to walk back to the van with the little girls while I stayed and let the boys explore a bit more. We finished up our lattes' and headed home for dinner and games. I am so glad that the children get along so well with their cousins, now if I could just get my hands on their newest cousin......
Breaking News: Both Kimberly and Justin called me tonight (they made separate calls) to inform me that they won first place in their division for their gingerbread creations! Kimberly won for the Golden Gate Bridge that she created and Justin won for his candy castle! They sound amazing and I will post photos of the winning entries if I can. Congratulations to my niece and nephew~ I am so proud of you.

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