Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hanukkah Party

Last week Syndiluhu treated us to a Hanukkah Party! I learned so much from her, I always do. The party was complete with a menorah, latkes (which looked more like fried hash browns), and DELICIOUS homemade jelly filled donuts.

We enjoyed Challah bread, and fish sticks as well.
For a more complete explanation of Hanukkah go to Syndi's blog. I must confess that Jess and I were catching up in the kitchen while we were working on the Latkes and I did not listen as close as I should have.

Syndi read a story to the children about Hanukkah and they played a game of Driedel (Syndi made the Driedel pieces herself so they were very authentic. I did know that when the Jewish people were reading their Bibles and a soldier came by, they would quickly put their Bibles away and pull out Driedel and play.

Ruby loves to do anything that the older children are doing and while they were playing Driedle her M&M pieces go so soft and melted that no one else wanted to use them, so Syndi told her to eat her pieces to which she exclaimed, "All of them?" and just in case Syndi was going to change her mind they all immediately went in her mouth!

Syndi is so through that she had typed notes so that she did not forget anything for the party. I wish I was more like that! She even had a Star of David craft for the children to make. They used hot glue and Popsicle sticks, What could be better?
They even got to go home with gold chocolate coins and their own Driedle piece.
I had such a great time and I know the children did too. How much better to learn while having fun and sharing the experience with true friends!

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Alliwoo said...

That sounds like so much fun! Alot of the people around here are either Catholic or Jewish, so we've learned alot about their different practices and holidays.