Monday, December 14, 2009

What Can You Do In One and a Half Hours?

After our Keepers and Contenders Meeting today Tami and her children came back to my house. Getting here was an adventure because of all the snow and ice on the roads. When we left our meeting I accidentally spun out then I continued to spin on purpose. Everett was pressuring his mom to copy my 'coolest ever' driving. Unfortunately she did and she knocked out her alignment in the process. To get to my house from the meeting you have to drive on a road where one side is the harbor and the other side consists of big ditches. That is not ideal when the road is snow and ice and the alignment is knocked out but she made it safely. We had lunch and coffee and Taylor and Aaron headed over to Ben's to play in the snow and do some work. Tami offered to take Erik and Ian home with her until scouts tonight and I put Ruby and Libby down for a nap. That left me with........No Children for an hour and a half!!

I was tempted to sit and drink more coffee and read my latest Old Schoolhouse Magazine but I decided to clean instead. I am very happy! I finished washing and drying all my laundry and laid it out so I have no baskets in the living room. I cleaned the table, vacuumed, made my bed and cleaned the bathrooms. I also finished the dishes and ran the dishwasher and cleaned the counters.
My dinner was in the Crockpot (I even sent some home with Tami) because we had a Den Meeting for Cub Scouts tonight. Then I received a phone call that due to the treacherous conditions of the roads Scouts was cancelled! Notice the Joy I feel in that statement. We have an unplanned evening at home and the house is clean!
I hear a Family Game night in the works! I know the boys will be disappointed that they do not get to perform their skits, and songs and receive their awards but it means they will get more next time.
I am just left wondering, where does the toothpaste lid go when it disappears? and How did toothpaste get on the ceiling of the hall?


Rebecca M said...

I'm so excited about all the you were able to accomplish!!

We had a weekend without most of our kids recently and, oh boy, did we get some work done.

So amazing what can happen with a few uninterrupted hours. And your house looks beautiful!

shawn said...

Oh my goodness.... we also have toothpaste on the ceiling in the kids bathroom. I was wondering too. Great job. Just the motivation I needed tonight, too. :)