Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Wesley!

On History Thursday we were so excited to have guests to come and join the crowd that stays with me for Five in a Row. Unfortunately I had to postpone the lesson due to the fact that I had to take Erik to the doctor for an injury that he sustained the day before while we were ice skating. His arm was sore and swollen enough that the doctor wanted us to go get an Xray. Fortunately Jess picked up Ruby and Ian when she dropped Jake and Savannah off for History and I took Liberty and Erik to get Xrays. We returned home in time to have lunch and a celebration with Wesley.

We actually got to sing to him twice because I forgot that I had Ruby laying down in her room, and heard her cry when she missed the Happy Birthday song.

Wesley loved blowing out the candles and all the other children loved singing to him! It is so much fun to celebrate with friends and we are looking forward to doing school together soon.

note: we got a call from the doctor and Erik's arm is perfectly fine.

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