Monday, February 8, 2010

Thirteen Years!

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary!
We were able to celebrate on Thursday and Friday of last week. We ate out at some delicious restaurants, took a great walk on the beach in Oak Harbor, took the Ferry to Port Townsend, went on a "little hike" (aka two and a half miles straight up) and enjoyed dinner in Canada with our Japanese Pastor and his Dutch wife at a Korean BBQ! I think we both gained 13 pounds just from the food.
It was wonderful to get away spend time together and evaluate where we have been and where we are going!
Thank you so much momm for watching the children and loving them while we were away.


Kelly C said...

Happy Anniversary! It gets richer as the years go by -- May our Lord bless your marriage as you conintue to seek Him together!

Anonymous said...'re not old enough to be married that long. I mean c'mon. 29-13= , well I don't know what it equals because I'm dyscalculic but surely it means you aren't old enough to be married for 13 years! lol

Anissa said...

Geez. I'm so dyscalculic I accidently left that message anyonymously. Sorry! =) (But really, how many dyscalculics do you know?!)

daffodil_lane said...