Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Party

I love Valentine's Day! I love the time to celebrate friendships. We invited our friends to come and celebrate with us.

Ellianna had a great time with the markers, unfortunately she got more on her hands than on the paper!

I loved that Aaron found a Bible and looked up verses to copy on several of his valentines. He wrote Jesus Loves You on others, and Smile, God Loves You! That boy warms my heart!

Syndi, brought her chocolate fountain and we kept telling the children not to camp out in front of it, but to get their food and move on so others could eat as well. As you can tell, the same rules do not apply to the adults, especially the husbands and fathers!

Justice and Liberty always together! I know we are going to have to curb this sooner rather than later. They are adorable together.
We played a 'Steal the Heart' game, where the children had to balance Sweethearts on a cheese knife and carry as many as they could to a bowl on the other side of the room. They could not use their hands to pick up the hearts and had a time limit to fill the bowl. In the spirit of competition we did boys against girls. The girls had Ellianna eating out of their starting bowl and the boys had Samuel (brother of Ellie) eating out of their bowl! When all was said and done it was a legitimate tie! Candy bars for all!
We also played a game coming up with terms of endearment. My favorites were:
What does the beekeeper call his wife? Honey.
What does the baker call his wife? Sweetie

The other main event was making valentines for each other and for the residents of a local nursing home. All the children used the pipe cleaners to make their own bluetooth! Things have changes since I was a child.

We always have great helpers when it comes to clean up. Honor loves the broom and he can actually sweep with his 'Attach Giraffe' and broom in one hand and the dust pan in the other! Taylor said, "Can I please Vacuum?" and the other children graciously pitched in and made clean up a breeze.
We then took our Valentines to the Nursing Home and delivered them to the residents! The residents all loved the children and their creations. Erik was excited that he gave one of his valentines to a lady that was blind and she was able to 'see' it by feeling the jewels he had glued on.
Don't forget to share your loves with those who don't get shown it often enough.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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