Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ruby Got A Haircut

You can always count on something happening at our house on Thursdays! Today Jess had a Midwife Appointment so Jamie came over with the twins! We finished up our FIAR study of Katy No Pocket and headed outside to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather! Jamie is always prepared with clippers and scissors in her car! I have been thinking for some time now about giving Ruby a trim (not really me, I can't cut a straight line to save my life!) Jamie was willing and Ruby thought it was a splendid idea!

I cannot imagine it being easy to cut long fine hair blowing in the wind outside with 2 other adults 3 babies and 8 other children running around! Not only is it straight but it looks super cute as well!
Ruby even 'helped' by coming the front of her hair as it was being cut! Jamie continued with the trend and Honor, Ian, Aaron, and Erik all got haircuts as well!

I don't usually have time to spend with Jamie without a ton of other people around and we had ton of fun a learned probable more than we ever wanted to know about marsupials! I was tired after spending hours on the trampoline with the 3 babies! I so love weather that allows us to be outside.

I am not sure if you can tell but I think she got about 3 inches cut off, it looks adorable! This is really the first time she has had any kind of haircut, not even a trim before this.
A great big THANK YOU to Jamie for sprucing up my children!

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