Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day by making cookies for church. One of the requirements for scouts is to serve at a church service. Our boys made sugar cookies ( I vowed to never again make sugar cookies, I dread how long they take to make, chill, roll out, cut, bake, cool, decorate) They talked me into it and I was once again left at the end to finish up, it was either that or let the boys stay up too late the night before church. Everyone at church was compassionate about the fact that the cookies were undecorated. I digress, they also handed out bulletins and greeted people as they came in, and cleaned up after church sweeping, washing dishes, taking out the trash. I love how handsome they looked in their uniforms and how willingly they served.
I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls that were wonderful! I forgot to take a picture of them this morning after they were cooked and had ample cream cheese frosting on them. Trust me, they were delicious! We enjoyed them for breakfast with fried eggs and bacon!

My husband bought me these beautiful Tulips! He knows how much I love Tulips and the promise of spring!
I was also blessed with about 37 valentine cards from each of my children, some were beautiful and others were made with love but not as much attention to detail, meaning I think the children were having a contest to see who could give me the most Valentines.
Other exciting News is that today is my Niece's 17th Birthday and I have 2 friends who are currently in labor! Please keep these families in your prayers.

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Stacy said...

Those heart-shaped cinnamon rolls are adorable!