Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Been A Banner Day

When I got up yesterday morning I found Erik already dressed, with his bed made. He had gone outside while I was in the shower to make sure that Papa had remembered to take the garbage out, watched the garbage being collected and brought our can and our neighbor's can back to the house. Erik then came in and made oatmeal all by himself for our breakfast! It was only a little bit dense. He said, "Mama, can we do my reading now?" and what usually takes 45 minutes took about 17minutes! I was speechless. Then he cleared the table in record time and went straight to work on math and phonics.
I was the den helper at scouts today and we made birdhouses. Sounds simple enough. We had 8 boys, 8 hammers, 2 adults and 4 Webelos to help out! Erik loved it and was extremely patient he was the second to the last one done and stayed with it. Usually he would have done it good enough so he could join the rest of the group.
I am very proud of him and the great work he is doing. The responsibility I am seeing is a tremendous improvement. Could it be that we have entered a new and improved phase? I sure do like it!
Sean grew this moustache as part of a fundraiser for prostate cancer research. I think it is an excuse but whatever. Last time he grew one and shaved it off all at once Ruby would have nothing to do with him, and he wanted to make sure that does not happen again. I have been waiting since November 1 when he stared to grow it for it to go, and it is finally starting to come off!

Sean is doing a photo documentary of the moustache removal. I am thrilled! The children do not want him to shave and of course other men think it is really cool.
I guess that it does not take much to excite me but I had a fantastic day with obedient children and a husband that is removing his facial hair!
By the way, Sean and I get to have 2 days to celebrate our anniversary and are looking for fun date ideas that are not too far away (I still have to come home in the evening to nurse the baby). Please share any creative ideas for fun activities! Thanks so much.

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Alliwoo said...

So glad to hear you had a "banner" day! I think we all need a day like that to help us remember that our hard work is paying off somewhere. You're an awesome mother and an amazing woman. I've always admired you!

Hope you and Sean have a GREAT anniversary!