Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Plans Were Thwarted!

My children puke, it is a fact and all my friends know it. In fact I just ran into a friend who has a brand new baby and she said, "I bet you have a child puking right now and that is why you have not come over to see the baby."
She is right of course, I cannot wait to get my hand on her cute little guy and smell the wonderful baby smell. For now, I must wait until Liberty is done puking.
Liberty and Erik

Today we were supposed to go to the Vancouver Aquarium and then to Downtown Vancouver to celebrate some Olympic History. Unfortunately, Libby was up all night (she went to sleep about 5 am). Poor sweet thing just couldn't keep anything down.
At one point last night I laid her in the crib hoping she would sleep a little and grabbed a pillow and blanket and lay down in the hall by her room so I would hear her if she threw up. Aaron was so excited to go to the Aquarium today that he got up to check the time and see if he should get ready to go. He saw a pile of blankets in the hall (Me!) and kicked it to see what it was. I am not sure if I scared him more or if he scared me more but needless to say it was futile to try and get some sleep.
Libby just went down, I am off to try to get some sleep.

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