Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last week, it was a beautiful February morning and we were at Peach Arch Park by 6:45am! Rarely am I out of the shower by 6:45 OK I am barely out of bed by that time! It was worth it to see the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the Olympic Torch and the Unity between the US and Canada!
Aaron wins big brother of the year award for trying to keep Ian off the ground. His feet were so cold I was seriously worried about frost bite.

Ian is quite the artist, we have books, card, computers, notes, labels, you name it he has probably drawn it or written about it. Here he is with his drawing of the Olympic Torch. I was shocked by this fond memory of the torch, because when we went to see the actual torch he was Frozen solid. Poor child was wearing only his rubber boots with thin socks on a freezing February morning.

Ian's mom would not leave the Torch Ceremony because we woke up early and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it up close!

He also has here a picture of CTV which cracks me up because although we have a TV we have not cable and did not even realize that we had reception. CTV is the Canadian Station that is broad casting the Olympics and I feel very lucky! Not only do we have great reception (with the tin foil wrapped around the antennae on our TV) but we have better coverage than our friends watching on American TV. We get to watch the events live and hear all the commentary around the Olympics.

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