Friday, April 16, 2010

I am way off base

Sadly, no pictures from me yet again. Not sure why I can't remember the camera.
I love my camera.
I volunteered my boys and Ben to be the Color Guard for a circus that was in town. Sounds great, 3 free guest tickets per scout plus their admission and front row seats. The boys did a great job even though my scouts forgot to salute (they looked like deer in the headlights), they were so handsome.
We ended up leaving the circus before intermission, we did not even stay for the free bike drawing (their soul is not worth a bike). After the 3rd time (I am a slow learner) of the boys having to turn their heads away from the performers because it made them uncomfortable to look (or were told to look away) we decided that we needed to make a bee line for the exit. Sadly, we will not attend another circus. We loved the tigers, were looking forward to the elephants and laughed at the slap stick comedy. The lack of clothing on the female performers is not something I am willing to subject my family to. I am sure that Syndi will have photos up on her blog soon, so pop on over there to see our circus adventure photos.
We are also off to celebrate my niece's 3rd Birthday, with photos of what Taylor made to come, and my mom's birthday. I will get to stay an extra day to celebrate with all of my mom's friends at a fabulous tea party (this time we will get to drink tea).

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