Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whee! Look Who's Three

On Saturday we were thrilled to celebrate Sarah May's Third Birthday with her.
Sarah is my brother's youngest daughter. She has sweet little ringlets and is very quiet. I am told that she is a chatterbox, just not around large groups of people, and our family is a large group of people.
All my children love her and she is very patient when Ruby tells her what to do. I would love to know what Sarah and Ian were talking about here.

Sarah decided that she'd better blow out her candle when Erik 'helped' her blow out the number 3 candle.
My brother's oldest daughter, Kimberly (15) planned a wonderful party and did a marvelous job decorating, planning games, and decorating the cake.

Chris and Sarah

Sarah loved all her presents, she was a little unsure of her new tricycle but adored the 'Tinkybell' doll that Kimberly gave her.
We were blessed to share in Sarah's special day. Happy 3rd Birthday.


Nicole said...

I had to enlarge the picture because I didn't know who that strange man was back there! It seems like forever since Sean had no facial hair!

Carolynn said...

I love the NO facial hair!!!! It seems like forever since we have seen you!

Carolynn said...
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