Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One of the most difficult things for me to do is find meaningful work for my children. There is plenty of work to be done and I occasionally make lists of things that they can do. Often the jobs require supervision or at least minimal instruction. I was very busy helping Aaron and Taylor with some projects that they were trying to finish and could not do Ian or Erik's reading lesson.
The boys were waiting 'patiently', and I realized it would not be anytime soon that I could get to them, so I RELEASED them to go outside. I heard something and went to investigate, Erik was cleaning the garbage can! He told me he did not like that it was so dirty and smelled bad, he insisted that I take a picture of what he collected from the dregs of the can, Gross! It looks very similar to the Nasty stuff my husband gets out of the sink drains. I was pleased that he was doing something useful and productive and being kept busy and not getting into any mischief.

Around here you do work because you are part of the family. There are a few jobs I pay for and what I do pay is pretty minimal. Mostly I have to tell the children there is an allowance job and they decide who gets to do it. When Erik finished cleaning the garbage can all on his own accord, he said, "How much do I get?"
This trick of making up your own allowance job and proceeding does not usually result in financial gain. However this time it paid off!

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