Monday, April 5, 2010

The Way Things Work

You guessed it! Liberty got some bling! I love pierced ears, I think they look so sweet. Sean has been telling me for months to get her ears pierced but I kept thinking she was too little. Liberty had an appointment with the nutritionist and she finally weighs 20 pounds 2 ounces! Her iron levels are perfect. I took Taylor with me to the appointment so we could do some shopping after. While we were in the mall Taylor said it was time to get Libby's ears done and she chose the earrings as well. She only cried for a minute and now likes to show her earrings to anyone who comments.
However, Ian does NOT like them at all. Wonder what that is all about?
I found these notes on the boys' door the other day. I was thrilled that Erik cared enough to write something! Not necessarily the nicest thing but he was writing all on his own!
You might notice that Ben's name is written on the sign then scratched out, Ben would not go in their room unless his name was on the sign. Erik temporarily took care of the problem.

The boys have a tendency to have a war zone in their room and have difficulty managing their things. Periodically I take all their toys away and they have to ask to play with anything. They really appreciate this. Again, I wonder what that is all about? For now, all toys are in lock-down and the room is clean.
Erik is meticulously clean and organized. Aaron doesn't give a hoot and Ian, well Ian has other things to think about.
Taylor posted her own signs to display the difference between her generosity and the boys. I walked by and saw her giving Ian and Ruby classes on her shell collection and something else that was in her window.

We have always had the rule that the boys have to ask before going in her room and the boys room is fair game for anyone. I know it sounds like a double standard but let me explain, Taylor is the oldest girl living at home, she needs a certain amount of privacy and she is the zoo keeper around here, she cares for the cats, the hermit crabs, fish and what ever other animal we have at the time. Her room could be chaos, thus the need to ask.
The boys room has a trapeze and all the dress up, as well as all the other toys in bins on their shelves. Erik would tell anyone (even people living in the room) that they could not come in because it would mess it up, especially if he had just vacuumed. Which is why no one has to ask to come in.
Problem solved, Everyone has to ask to get anything out. Lots of work for me. However, the payoff of a clean and orderly room is priceless.

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Sue said...

I saw your comment over on the WATF blog and just wanted to stop by and say, hello. What a lovely blog you have! Don't you just love little boys and all the silly stuff they do? Such a blessing!