Thursday, April 15, 2010

We LOVE babies!

Baby Jacob came over the other day with his big sister Cassidy and brother Cody. They came over to join our circle time!
Circle Time ran a bit different because all my children had to take turns holding the baby. I cannot believe that I did not get a photo of Ian, he had to take his shirt off to hold the baby because he wanted to feel the soft baby on his chest. We still enjoyed the singing and memory work, then because the preschoolers out numbered the school age we did a whole morning of crafts! Liberty has officially not nursed for a week now. It truly is bitter-sweet. I have either been pregnant or nursing for the last 13 years! I am now neither pregnant or nursing.

We have a lot of friends who are expecting or just had a baby, it makes Liberty look so old. Libby is starting to talk more, she signs a ton and is climbing on anything she can scale.

Here is my dirty laundry! Literally. Erik does not mind any chore as long as he is not alone. He figured out a way for Libby to help take out the laundry, she loves it!
My babies are growing.

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