Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuckwagon Dinner

One disadvantage of doing life with friends that have blogs and are quicker bloggers is that I feel like I am copying. Syndi did a great post on our end of the year history celebration "Chuckwagon Dinner". We were planning and looking forward to our Celebration all year! The children are always excited about an opportunity to dress up. I love that Aaron is wearing my dad's old welding jacket!

The children in our Young Historians group each gave a presentation about something that they learned during history class. In between each presentation they sang a song that they had learned during the year. The CD player decided to quit working and the children had to sing A Capella, they did an amazing job! One of my favorites was the energy and enthusiasm with which Jake sang, "Oh My Darling Clementine"! I knew Jake loved this song because I have been the happy recipient of him serenading me before. I told his mom to watch that boy because it melts a girls' heart to be sung to.

I have lots of photos of Ben and even of Tim but hardly any of Syndi. I convinced her that I needed a family photo, it was definitely worth the effort.

Jake, Ben, Aaron, Savannah, and Taylor

I knew that I was going to be busy and distracted during the evening so I put Sean in charge of taking the photos. I asked him to take a picture of the table decorations and this is what I got. Just in case you cannot tell the children made these really cute wagons out of paper bags and Popsicle sticks, there were Lego trees, horses, corn husk dolls, woven wheat wreaths and tin can lanterns all made by the children.

We had an amazing dinner with everything from scratch, biscuits, sweet potato pie, homemade mozzarella cheese, pulled pork, pulled beef, corned bread (I even ground the corn meal and the flour), Delicious baked beans and Caesar Salad (OK I pulled that from a bag).

And for dessert we had Dandelion Cookies ~ Absolutely Amazing! Rhubarb Crisp that was to die for good and ice cream! Just in case you don't think it could get any better, Tim discovered how wonderful the homemade root beer was with the world's best ice cream! I don't think you can tell how much I enjoyed the food. You really should have been there, trust me.

Each child brought displays to show the projects that they worked on through the year. This really is satisfaction for me. I love having concrete things to look at that show we really did do something productive.
It was so much fun to have friends and family come and support our children. Next time I will need to make sure I get photos of our guests, my mom, AKA Geaba came to show her support and my Godmother, AKA Grandma Jojo (Joan) made the trek north. We really appreciated them making the effort and taking the time to show their enthusiasm for all the children are doing! It was a fun and fabulous evening and one of the best ways to end another year of learning. Thank you to Syndi and all her hard work teaching and training our children. Check out the link to her blog above for some great pictures and another perspective on the evening (plus the recipe for the dandelion cookies.)

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