Thursday, May 27, 2010


Taylor and I enjoyed a rare treat of time together~just us! It did involve moving mountains to make it happen but it was worth the effort!
Taylor, Kimberly, and me

First, I had to get life jackets and lunch together for the boys, then I had to make sure the little girls had all their needs and drop them off with Tami! Thank you so very much for keeping them!
Taylor and I did some shopping, she has grown about 4 1/2" since January and therefore has almost nothing that fits. It is not easy trying to find modest clothes for a tall thin 12 year old.
We were able to find 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts, not bad if I do say so myself.

Sarah Mae with her Daddy waiting patiently to give Kimberly her Rose

We stopped for a quick trip in to Goodwill then for dinner and off to the highlight of our day~ Kimberly's Dance Recital. Kimberly has been working hard all year on her dance for this evening. We have seen small glimpses of what is involved however, seeing the whole dance complete with costume, music, lighting and all that goes into it was definitely worth the effort!

Kimberly and Chris

The title of the recital was 'Everybody' and they did an amazing job of covering everybody. There were the cute little 3 year old ballerinas, Kimberly's Hip Hop class, Pointe Ballet, An Indian interpretative dance, Rap, Something like Thriller (not too sure what to call that), They had a Jazz group and Tap!

Kimberly, Sarah, Geaba

The talent these young dancers showed was amazing and there were even some adult classes that made me wish for more coordination and flexibility!

Justin, Geaba, Kimberly, Chris, Sarah

The recital was long but very entertaining! It ended at 9:30PM! then we headed over to Kimberly's house for appetizers and dessert. It was fun to hang out and visit with them. We got on the road to head home at 11:45. Taylor kept turning down the music and up the heat, I kept turning up the music and down the heat. She said, "I can't go to sleep with the music up." I replied, "I can't stay awake with the music down!"
Taylor decided it was more important for me to stay awake than for her to sleep so she gave up trying and talked to me the whole way home! We were finally in bed by 1:30AM.
Super Job Kimberly, Thank you so much for including us in your celebration!

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