Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Whole Lotta Love ~ And Hot Glue

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in my world. In my every day life, in the lives of the blogs I faithfully read, and the mother's who have touched my life even in some small way. I was so excited that Mikaela made the effort to come and see her mom today. She blessed me by being here and by bringing me some beautiful flowers and an iced latte.
I know there are so many women who long to have children and this day is even more difficult for them, there are women who have lost children, women whose children have left. Lord, I pray for all the women who long to fulfill your command to be fruitful and multiply. I pray that you will fill them with your love and peace.

My children have been working hard all week on special projects for me! Taylor used a full 4 sticks of glue in the hot glue gun to make this cardboard and shell decoration. She also made a a beautiful card, and several other crafts as well.
I am a better mother when I realize that it is my privilege and duty to raise my children in the fear of the Lord. I have never been more humble, more broken, more full of sadness and joy than when I am before my Savior on behalf of my children. Lord God, I pray that each one of my precious children will come to know you personally and delight in your love for them. I earnestly ask you to take hold of their hearts, draw them into your loving arms and make yourself undeniable in their lives. Teach and train me to be a living example of your grace and mercy. Strengthen me and give me the wisdom to be the kind of mother that is honoring to her husband, encouraging to her children and compassionate on the less fortunate.

For Mother's Day I got Popsicle stick people, flowers, coffee, watercolor cards, and scratch art. I even got 2 new houses for mother's day! What did you get?

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Tami said...

Is that a covered patio? Cause you should get one of those. You could do so much with one and that picnic table